Vol. 18/ No. 20 | OncologyLive

New Adjuvant Therapy Era Builds in Melanoma

November 06, 2017

Researchers are seeking to determine whether the plethora of new therapies that have been introduced in recent years in the advanced and metastatic settings can benefit patients at risk of recurrence earlier in the treatment timeline for melanoma.

CDK4/6 Inhibitors Explored in KRAS-Mutant Cancers

October 31, 2017

A new generation of more selective inhibitors of CDK4 and CDK6 has entered the clinic in combination therapies for patients with breast cancer. These agents also are being investigated in patients with KRAS-mutant malignancies.

EZH2 Inhibitor Tested as Epigenetic Option in NHL Types

October 26, 2017

Tazemetostat, a small molecule that targets epigenetic activity of the EZH2 gene, is being investigated as a treatment option for patients with relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma or follicular lymphoma.

Photodynamic Therapy: Looking at Treatment of Early-Stage Oral Cancer in a New Light

October 24, 2017

Although surgery and radiotherapy are standard treatment modalities for grade T1/T2 oral cavity cancer, both approaches have well-documented limitations, including their association with adverse effects that lower quality of life for patients.

New Era in Melanoma

September 28, 2017

It was just 6 years ago that options for patients with metastatic melanoma began to expand. In 2011, the approval of ipilimumab (Yervoy), the pioneering checkpoint immunotherapy for patients with unresectable or metastatic disease, marked the first milestone.