Vol. 20/No.3 | OncologyLive

New Agents Push the Envelope in Ovarian Cancer

February 10, 2019

Although there have been numerous studies evaluating the role of different therapy schedules, cytotoxic agents, and routes of administration in ovarian cancer, the backbone of therapy remains a combination of a platinum and a taxane.

Microbial Metabolomics: A Search for the Missing Link to Cancer

February 08, 2019

Thanks to technological advances, the past several decades have witnessed a blossoming appreciation of the varied composition of these microbial communities, their complex and dynamic relationship with the host, and the way they affect health and disease.

Is the Sipuleucel-T Saga Poised for a New Chapter?

February 06, 2019

Advocates for sipuleucel-T point out that the public has become more aware of and interested in immunotherapy now, and they believe the product has the potential to benefit a larger group of patients.

NCI-MATCH Results Offer Clues for the Use of Agents Across Tumor Types

February 02, 2019

A trickle of positive findings from NCI-MATCH, a precision medicine trial of numerous agents across tumor types, has encouraged investigators to broaden the number of trial arms, which now stand at 40, and expand enrollment.

Intellectual Conflicts of Interest Pose Hidden Dangers to Scientific Accuracy

February 01, 2019

The model of an independent and self-regulating academic medical community continues to be challenged through widely reported accusations of serious scientific misconduct, failure of investigators to report potential financial conflicts of interest, and suggestions of inadequate transparency related to the questionable role of academic researchers in the analysis and reporting of industry-sponsored clinical trial results.