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Anti-EGFR Treatment Grows in Prominence for CRC

January 04, 2022

With an influx of new trials examining the use of anti-EGFR treatments in patients with advanced colorectal cancer, attention must be paid to finding the optimal window in which to give these therapies to maximize benefit.

Gilbert on Gaining New Ground at Vanderbilt

January 03, 2022

Dr Gilbert discusses her new role as associate director for research, education, and professional development at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and shares some of her short- and long-term goals in this position.

Mayer on the Optimization of SERDs in ER+ Breast Cancer

July 15, 2021

Dr. Mayer discusses the mechanism of action of SERDs in ER-positive breast cancer, highlighted data from the AMEERA-1 trial with amcenestrant and palbociclib, and details future research efforts with SERDs.