Dr. Blay on the Exploration of BI 907828 in Patients With Sarcoma

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Volume 1
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Jean-Yves Blay, MD, discusses the exploration of BI 907828 in patients with sarcoma.

Jean-Yves Blay, MD, professor of Medicine, Université Claude Bernard, scientific director, Canceropole Lyon Rhône Alpes, vice chairman, EORTC Translational Research Advisory Committee, member, the Protocol Review Committee of EORTC, chairman, the Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma group of EORTC, the French Sarcoma Group, discusses the exploration of BI 907828 in patients with sarcoma.

BI 907828 is an oral MDM2 inhibitor, and by binding to the MDM2 protein, the agent MDM2 from binding with the tumor suppressor protein, p53.

In preclinical studies, BI 907828 has demonstrated remarkable activity in terms of blocking specific interactions in the cellular pathways, Blay says. Clinical trials have started investigating BI 907828, including a phase 1 trial (NCT03449381) in adults with different types of solid tumors, including sarcomas, to evaluate the most suitable dose of BI 907828 and the agent’s efficacy in various populations.

Prior MDM2 inhibitors have shown the ability to block interactions with the MDM2 protein, though the blockade with BI 907828 appears to be more significant, Blay explains. The level of activity of BI 907828 in MDM2-amplfied tumors has been consistent across preclinical data, Blay adds.

BI 907828 has also displayed higher pharmodynamic activity than other MDM2 inhibitors, though there have been more higher toxicities, Blay notes. However, this agent warrants further investigation in clinical trials, and seeing these studies is good news for patients with these molecular alterations, Blay concludes.

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