Dr. Martin-Broto on Future Research Directions of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Supplements And Featured Publications, Diagnosis and Trial Options in Sarcoma, Volume 1, Issue 1

Javier Martin-Broto, MD, PhD, discusses future research directions of soft tissue sarcoma.

Javier Martin-Broto, MD, PhD, medical oncologist, the University Hospital, leader, Villalba General Hospital, discusses future research directions of soft tissue sarcoma.

Targeted therapy could soon be part of the treatment paradigm for synovial sarcoma for the first time in the form of BRD9 inhibitors, Martin-Broto says, adding that an ongoing phase 1 trial (NCT04965753) is investigating FHD-609, a BRD9 inhibitor, in patients with advanced synovial sarcoma.

For patients with chondrosarcoma, DR5 agonists are under investigation, which could provide a key development for a patient population that is historically resistant to chemotherapy, Martin-Broto adds. Moreover, the addition of selinexor to chemotherapy has shown promise in specific subsets of sarcoma, Martin-Broto explains.

With the emergence of some potential targeted therapies, there is hope for improvements to the treatment landscape across soft tissue sarcomas in the coming years, Martin-Broto concludes.