Dr. Maura on the Challenges of Whole-Genome Sequencing in Multiple Myeloma

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Francesco Maura, MD, discusses the challenges of whole-genome sequencing in multiple myeloma.

Francesco Maura, MD, an assistant professor and principal investigator of the myeloma genomic lab at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses the challenges of whole-genome sequencing in multiple myeloma.

The widespread adoption of whole-genome sequencing is unlikely in the United States, says Maura. The technology is expensive and difficult to standardize, Maura explains.

The Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes Consortium of the International Cancer Genome Consortium and The Cancer Genome Atlas is working toward reaching a consensus regarding the standardization of whole-genome sequencing, Maura explains. However, these complicated guidelines will require tailoring and additional research over many years, so significant and long-term efforts are needed, Maura adds.

Another challenge of whole-genome sequencing is storage, Maura says. Whole-genome sequencing data for 3 to 4 patients requires approximately 1 terabyte of storage, so utilizing this platform for thousands of patients would require adopting a new approach to cancer genomics and data storage, concludes Maura.