Vol. 20/No. 9 | OncologyLive

Large Myeloma Study Aims to Analyze Multiple Regimens

May 06, 2019

Therapy for patients with multiple myeloma encompasses many agents and potential combinations, but truly personalizing care will require knowing how those agents interact for maximum efficacy and incorporating patient preferences for toxicity into the care plan.

Systemic Treatments for NETs: Whom to Treat and How to Sequence

May 02, 2019

During a recent panel discussion, neuroendocrine tumor experts Simron Singh, MD, MPH, and Jonathan R. Strosberg, MD, provided insight on which patients are the best candidates for these approved treatments and how to sequence therapy to optimize outcomes.

Persistent BCG Shortages Lead to Hard Choices in Bladder Cancer

April 27, 2019

The Tice strain of BCG has emerged as a go-to drug for treating primary and recurrent bladder cancer, but in the United States and some other countries, a constellation of marketplace dynamics has reduced manufacturers of this agent to a sole producer that is unable to keep up with demand. Available supplies are being rationed, and sufficient expansion of supply could be years away.