Vol. 22/No. 15 | OncologyLive

Investigators Look to Enhance Response With Novel Triplet in CLL

August 05, 2021

Clinical Insights

Investigators of the phase 3 ULTRA-V trial are look-ing to leverage the synergistic capabilities of venetoclax for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia with the addition of the U2 regimen of ublituximab in combination with umbralisib.

Cardio-oncology Specialists Pave Optimal Treatment Path for Patients With Cancer

August 04, 2021

Cover Story

The subspecialty of cardio-oncology has grown in recent years as improved cancer survival rates have expanded the population of long-term survivors with heightened risk of cardiovascular disease and drawn more attention to the need for preventive strategies and disease management.

CEACAM5 Joins a Growing Menu of Emerging Lung Cancer Targets

August 03, 2021


After nearly two decades of successfully developing therapies directed at molecular aberrations in non–small cell lung cancer, investigators are exploring a new generation of novel targets, including some not specifically associated with driver mutations.

Biosimilars Gain Traction, Generate Savings

July 26, 2021

Feature Article

The use of oncology biosimilars has expanded rapidly in the United States during the past 2 years as providers embraced a growing armamentarium of new products, according to findings from real-world data reported at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.