Vol. 23/No. 1 | OncologyLive

SIMBA Therapy Encounters Barriers But Holds Promise for Neutropenia and Beyond

January 18, 2022

Hope S. Rugo, MD, FASCO, Rita Nanda, MD, William J. Gradishar, MD, and Tiffany A. Traina, MD discuss the selective immunomodulating microtubule-binding agent plinabulin, plus several other novel chemoprotective therapies under exploration, including trilaciclib.

Targeting CD166 Represents a New Avenue of Attack for Breast Cancer

January 12, 2022


High expression of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule, also known as CD166, occurs in approximately 50% of patients with triple-negative breast cancer and up to 80% of patients with estrogen receptor– positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

Triplet and Quadruplet Regimens Set a New Course for Myeloma

January 11, 2022


When treating cancers that are considered generally incurable, such as multiple myeloma, one of the paradigms in oncology is to deliver the most effective therapies upfront to maximize the chances of prolonging remission.