Author | Deborah Abrams Kaplan | OncLive

Author | Deborah Abrams Kaplan


Practices Adopt Strategies for Tackling Disparities in Cancer Care

September 06, 2020

One of the main methods to address this disparity of cancer care is using community health workers and navigators to do the grassroots outreach.

Value-Based Oncology Models Loop In Patients and Referring Physicians

April 24, 2020

Given the national push for value-based care, oncology practices such as Minnesota Oncology are modifying their treatment models to better coordinate care not only with patients but also with referring physicians.

Protect Your Oncology Practice Against Cyber Thieves

March 05, 2020

While cybersecurity upgrades may require additional software and hardware and come at an expense, experts said the expenses are worth it, as they help avoid government fines for data breaches, data recovery costs, and the potential for loss of public trust.

Studies of Harassment in Oncologic Gynecology Add Fuel to Reform Efforts

January 18, 2020

Anecdotes of gender inequality and sexual harassment abound among gynecologic oncologists, but until recently, there had been no study to measure the problem in this profession. Findings reported in June 2019 suggesting that high numbers of men and women in this field were subject to sexual harassment were no surprise to investigators. Instead, they have strengthened national gender discrimination and sexual harassment reform efforts in oncologic gynecology.