Peer Exchange

Advances in the Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Neutropenia

October 15th 2021

Updates in the prevention and management of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia, specifically in breast cancer, with special considerations for the impact of new data on practice patterns.

Updates in HR+ HER2- Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer

October 11th 2021

A discussion on how to apply updated data from ESMO 2021 to treatment decisions for patients with HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer.

Evolving Management Landscape for Advanced Prostate Cancer

August 13th 2021

Reactions to treatment advances and new FDA approvals in prostate cancer, and insight regarding the valuable role that precision medicine plays in genitourinary oncology.

Balancing Innovation and Drug Pricing in Global Cancer Care

August 9th 2021

Mark Socinski, MD, Gilberto Lopes, MD, Afsaneh Barzi, MD, PhD, and Jack West, MD, discuss the balance of using innovative cancer therapies with disruptive drug prices to make the therapies more widely available.

Systemic Therapy for HCC: A Rapidly Evolving Landscape

August 6th 2021

An overview of data supporting exciting developments in hepatocellular carcinoma using systemic therapy in various treatment settings.

Systemic Mastocytosis

August 2nd 2021

Key opinion leaders review clinical cases in systemic mastocytosis, focusing on therapeutic options and diagnostic criteria.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia: 2021 Perspectives on Testing, Systemic Therapies, and Transplantation

July 22nd 2021

Evolving Approaches in Small Cell Lung Cancer

July 15th 2021

A panel of experts in thoracic oncology discuss the potential impact of recent clinical data on treatment of small cell lung cancer.

Refining Treatment Approaches for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

July 13th 2021

A discussion about several topics pertaining to the treatment of CLL including the latest research in the field and the impact of recent clinical trial data on making treatment decisions for your patients.

Evolving Practice Patterns for Multiple Myeloma

July 13th 2021

Keith Stewart, MD, ChB, MBA; Sagar Lonial, MD, FACP; Cristina Gasparetto, MD; Joseph Mikhael, MD; and Nina Shah, MD, discuss modern approaches to the management of multiple myeloma and review recent data presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting.

Recent Updates on Management of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

July 12th 2021

Updates in the Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndrome

July 9th 2021

The latest research and impact of recent clinical trials on treatment selection using erythropoiesis stimulating and hypomethylating agents for myelodysplastic syndrome.

Evolving Practice Patterns for Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

July 6th 2021

A discussion regarding the potential implications of treating renal cell carcinoma based on recent clinical trial data and key presentations from the 2021 ASCO virtual meeting.

State-of-the-Art Care for HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

July 6th 2021

Systemic treatment options available for HER2+ metastatic breast cancer based on recent clinical trial data and abstract presentations from the ASCO 2021 virtual meeting.

Evolution of Precision Medicine in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

July 1st 2021

Experts discuss advancements in the development of targeted agents in oncogene-driven non–small cell lung cancer, highlight the results from key clinical trials presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2021 Annual Meeting, and provide insights on how these findings may support treatment decision making in an era of precision medicine.

Clinical Advances in Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer

June 30th 2021

Andrew D. Seidman, MD; Aditya Bardia, MD, MPH; Dejan Juric, MD; Nicholas McAndrew, MD, MSCE; and Hope S. Rugo, MD, discuss systemic therapy and recent clinical trial data presented at the 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting for hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Updates in Immunotherapy for Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

June 30th 2021

The latest research and impact of recent clinical trials on treatment selection using immunotherapy-based regimens for metastatic non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), consolidation immunotherapy in stage III disease, and perioperative regimens with immunotherapy in resectable NSCLC.

Updates in the Management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

June 29th 2021

A panel of experts in the management of myeloproliferative neoplasms provides a lively discussion on current and emerging treatment options for patients with primary myelofibrosis or polycythemia vera.

Current Practices and Future Directions for Treatment of Graft-vs-Host Disease (GVHD)

June 21st 2021

Graft-vs-Host Disease (GVHD) is a challenging complication of allogeneic transplantation. In this peer exchange, leaders in the field will share their thoughts on the biology and presentation of GVHD, the diagnosis and staging of GVHD, initial management of GVHD, and steroid-refractory GVHD.

Current Practices and Future Directions for Treatment of EGFR-Mutated Lung Cancer

May 27th 2021

Thought leaders in thoracic oncology, Neal Navani, MRCP, MSc, PhD, Gary Doherty, MRCP, PhD, Christian Grohé, MD, and Solange Peters, MD, PhD, provide a lively discussion on the impact of molecular testing on treatment algorithms in EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer and share key insights into emerging research on adjuvant treatment options.