April 2014 | OncologyLive

Targeting CD19 May Yield Paradigm-Altering Technology

May 09, 2014

For the past two decades, researchers have been exploring B-cell specific antigens in hopes of developing a new anticancer target that would mirror the success of the CD20-targeting rituximab (Rituxan). Now, strategies aimed at CD19 are proving particularly promising.

New Options for Low-Risk, HER2-Positive Tumors Featured in Research Overview

May 07, 2014

Fresh insights into outcomes for patients with low-risk, HER2-positive breast cancer suggest that adjuvant chemotherapy regimens with or without trastuzumab (Herceptin) should be considered as options for managing this growing population

Cancer-Related Pain Fraught With Therapeutic and Ethical Complexities

May 02, 2014

As long-term cancer survival rates continue to surge, an increasing percentage of patients with cancer-related pain are progressing to the chronic pain arena, which necessitates more contemporary treatment approaches to cancer pain management.

Researchers Focus on Optimizing Radiotherapy for Locally Advanced NSCLC

April 24, 2014

Locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) remains a challenging disease to treat, with a 5-year survival rate for patients with unresectable stage III disease of approximately 20%, even after definitive radiation therapy and concurrent chemotherapy.

Experts Debate Utility of Genomic Profiling in Daily Practice

April 23, 2014

Although the potential for next-generation sequencing of breast cancer tumors to improve treatment strategies is widely recognized, questions swirl about the optimal use of such increasingly available technologies in clinical practice for today's patients.

Long-Term Outcomes Support Sentinel-Node Biopsy for Staging Melanoma

April 22, 2014

A 10-year follow-up study of regional melanoma staging strategies found that patients who underwent sentinel-node biopsies had significantly greater disease-free survival rates (DFSRs) compared with patients monitored through nodal observation.

AR Findings Highlight Detailed Tumor-Profiling Study

April 21, 2014

A wide-ranging analysis of more than 5500 breast cancer tumors that combined genomic and protein expression testing has identified promising targets to explore for treating patients with poor prognoses, with particularly notable findings involving androgen receptor (AR) expression

New MRD Assay Helps Move Testing Forward in Multiple Myeloma Research

April 18, 2014

An improved assay for assessing MRD status in patients with multiple myeloma is contributing to the momentum for using MRD as a surrogate endpoint for survival in clinical trials and as a tool with the potential to help guide therapy choices.

Pancoast Tumors of the Lung: Improved Results

April 16, 2014

Every patient with a pancoast tumor of the lung should be evaluated by a Pancoast-experienced thoracic surgeon (and neurosurgeon) before ruling out surgery, and before starting induction therapy.