Vol. 18/No. 09 | OncologyLive

Freireich's Fight: Making Progress Against All Odds

May 04, 2017

Emil J. Freireich, MD, DSc, was the originator of combination chemotherapy, the primary architect of the first cure for a systemic cancer, a major contributor to the cures for half a dozen other systemic cancers and, quite possibly, the man who did the most to transform MD Anderson from a minor facility to one of the world’s leading cancer centers.

Oncology Pipeline Bursting With Biosimilars

May 03, 2017

After years of regulatory and legal wrangling, the development of biosimilars is starting to advance rapidly in the United States, particularly in the oncology sector where multiple versions of the most widely used cancer drugs are moving forward.

Gene Fusions Yield Increasingly Broad Spectrum of Targeted Therapies

May 03, 2017

Thus far, only a small portion of known gene fusions have been tested with functional assays in an effort to understand if, and how, they drive cancer. Newly identified and well-established gene fusions alike continue to provide promising therapeutic targets and broaden our understanding of cancer development.

Novel Imaging Agent May Improve Prostate Cancer Detection

May 02, 2017

An investigational radiotracer that targets prostate-specific membrane antigen is being tested in patients with high-risk, recurrent, or metastatic prostate cancer to determine whether the novel agent can improve upon the sensitivity and specificity of conventional imaging.

HER2+ Breast Cancer Heterogeneity Calls for Combos

May 02, 2017

Targeted therapies have improved outcomes for HER2-positive breast cancer, which is characterized by an aggressive tumor phenotype and lower overall survival. However, questions remain on how to predict which patients will benefit from neoadjuvant or extended HER2-targeted therapies and how to treat patients with triple-positive breast cancer.

Patient's Role in Oncology Surgical Decisions Is Evolving

May 01, 2017

In general, where surgery is a medically appropriate option, it is the surgeon who takes the leading clinical role in discussions with the patient and her or his family regarding the development of an optimal strategy for that individual.

Biosimilar Era Arrives

April 28, 2017

Although biosimilar versions of branded medicines have been proliferating in other parts of the world for more than a decade, we’re still getting accustomed to the introduction of these new therapeutic options in the United States.