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The OncLive Biosimilars condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on currently available and investigational biosimilars for reference drugs such as trastuzumab, rituximab, bevacizumab, and more. This page features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on updates with biosimilars and ongoing research with these types of agents.

Dr. Domchek on Potential Benefits of Biosimilars in Oncology

August 28th 2019

Susan Domchek, MD, director, MacDonald Women’s Cancer Risk Evaluation Center, executive director, the Basser Center for BRCA, and Basser Professor in Oncology, at Penn Medicine, discusses the potential benefits of biosimilars in oncology.

Dr. Litton Discusses the Potential Advantage of Using Biosimilars in Oncology

August 28th 2019

Jennifer K. Litton, MD, associate professor in the Department of Breast Medical Oncology, Division of Cancer Medicine, at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, discusses the potential advantage of using biosimilars in oncology.

Dr. Welslau on Acceptance of Rituximab Biosimilar in DLBCL

August 28th 2019

Manfred Welslau, MD, Internal Medicine, Hematology and Oncology, Onkologie Aschaffenburg, discusses the growing acceptance of a rituximab (Rituxan) biosimilar in the treatment of patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, following favorable results from a safety analysis of the REFLECT study.

Dr. Martin on Provider Confidence With Biosimilars in Oncology

August 23rd 2019

Miguel Martín, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the Complutense University, and head of the Medical Oncology Service at the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon in Madrid, Spain, discusses provider confidence with biosimilars in oncology.

Dr. Esteva on the Future of Biosimilars in Breast Cancer

August 23rd 2019

Francisco J. Esteva, MD, PhD, director, breast medical oncology program, Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU Langone Health, discusses the future use of biosimilars in breast cancer within the United States.

New Developments Propel Biosimilar Penetration of US Oncology Market

August 23rd 2019

The biosimilars realm of oncology has been surrounded by a burst of clinical and regulatory news this week, with the read out of phase III findings and extension data, legality issues, and more.

Dr. Hurvitz on the Potential Global Impact of Biosimilars in Breast Cancer

August 23rd 2019

Sara Hurvitz, MD, associate professor, David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA; medical director, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center Clinical Research Unit; co-director, Santa Monica-UCLA Outpatient Oncology Practices; and director, Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Program, UCLA, discusses the potential global impact of biosimilars in breast cancer.

Rituximab Biosimilar Shows Equivalency in CD20+ Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

August 23rd 2019

ABP 798, a rituximab (Rituxan) biosimilar, demonstrated clinical equivalency to reference rituximab in patients with CD20-positive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Trastuzumab Biosimilar Efficacy Sustained With Updated Data

August 22nd 2019

Adjuvant treatment with the trastuzumab biosimilar CT-P6 demonstrated comparable efficacy and safety to the reference product in patients with HER2-positive early breast cancer.

Dr. Schmid on the Role of Biosimilars in Oncology

August 20th 2019

Peter Schmid, MD, PhD, lead at the Centre for Experimental Cancer Medicine, Barts Cancer Institute, discusses the role of biosimilars in oncology.

Dr. Abraham on Improving Access to Therapy With Biosimilars

August 16th 2019

Jame Abraham, MD, director of the Breast Oncology Program at Taussig Cancer Institute, co-director of the Cleveland Clinic Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program, and professor of medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, discusses improving access to cancer therapy with biosimilars.

LILAC Safety Analysis Confirms Similarity of Trastuzumab Biosimilar ABP 980

August 16th 2019

Hans-Christian Kolberg, MD, discusses the design of the LILAC study, the cardiac safety profiles of ABP 980 and reference trastuzumab, and patient and provider comfort with ABP 980 in practice.

Dr. Kolberg on the Cardiac Safety of ABP 980 in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer

August 15th 2019

Hans-Christian Kolberg, MD, head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Breast Cancer Center, and Gynecologic Cancer Center at Marienhospital Bottrop, Klinik für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe, Bottrop, Germany, discusses the safety profile of ABP 980 (Kanjinti; trastuzumab-anns).

Dr. Esteva on Trastuzumab Biosimilar in Breast Cancer

August 14th 2019

Francisco J. Esteva, MD, PhD, professor, Department of Medicine, director, Breast Medical Oncology Program, NYU Langone's Perlmutter Cancer Center, discusses the use of trastuzumab biosimilars in the treatment of patients with breast cancer.

Dr. Kolberg on the LILAC Study of ABP 980 in Breast Cancer

August 12th 2019

Hans-Christian Kolberg, MD, head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Breast Cancer Center, and Gynecologic Cancer Center at Marienhospital Bottrop, Klinik für Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe, Bottrop, Germany, discusses the phase III LILAC study, which examined ABP 980 (Kanjinti; trastuzumab-anns), a trastuzumab (Herceptin) biosimilar, in early-stage HER2-positive breast cancer.

Dr. McBride on the Potential Impact of Bevacizumab Biosimilars in Oncology

August 9th 2019

Ali McBride, PharmD, MS, BCOP, Clinical Coordinator of Hematology/Oncology, The University of Arizona Cancer Center, and President-Elect of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), discusses the potential impact of bevacizumab (Avastin) biosimilars in oncology.

Dr. Lyman on Biosimilars Reducing Healthcare Costs in the United States

August 8th 2019

Gary H. Lyman, MD, MPH, senior lead, Health Care Quality and Policy, Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Outcomes Research, member, Cancer Prevention Program, Public Health Services Division, and member, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, discusses the presence of biosimilars on the market and their potential to reduce healthcare costs in the United States.

FDA Approves Rituximab Biosimilar for CD20+ B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and CLL

July 23rd 2019

The FDA has approved PF-05280586, a biosimilar for rituximab, for the treatment of adult patients with CD20-positive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma as a single agent or in combination with chemotherapy, or for patients with CD20-positive chronic lymphocytic leukemia in combination with chemotherapy.

FDA Approves Bevacizumab Biosimilar

June 28th 2019

The FDA has approved PF-06439535, a bevacizumab biosimilar, for the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer; unresectable, locally advanced, recurrent, or metastatic nonsquamous non–small cell lung cancer; recurrent glioblastoma; metastatic renal cell carcinoma; and persistent, recurrent, or metastatic cervical cancer.

Biosimilars in Cancer Care: Potentially Improving Patient Access to Essential Therapies9,10

June 17th 2019

Gary Fanjiang, MD, vice president of Biosimilars Global Development, Amgen, discusses the development of biosimilars and some of the clinical considerations related to their use.