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Surgical Oncologists Typically Follow Treatment Guidelines

June 22nd 2011

A vast majority of Medicare patients with cancer are receiving appropriate surgical care that is in line with current treatment guidelines.

FDA Mandates Graphic Cigarette Label Warnings

June 21st 2011

In an effort to draw attention to the dangers of tobacco, the FDA has mandated the inclusion of graphic warnings to cigarette packs and advertisements.


June 21st 2011

In yoga practice, breathing is known as Pranayama, one of the 8 limbs of yoga.

Vismodegib Trial Yields Benefits in BCC patients

June 20th 2011

Vismodegib has demonstrated positive overall response rates in patients with advanced basal cell carcinoma.

Adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: An expiration date?

June 20th 2011

One issue that confronts medical oncologists is the explanation of benefits from chemotherapy

The Nursing Workforce in the USA

June 20th 2011

The nursing workforce is now larger in size, older, and more diverse.

Protecting Bone Health in Cancer Patients

June 20th 2011

This informative video explains why bone health is so vital for cancer patients.

FDA Extends Uses for the Lymphoma Drug Istodax

June 17th 2011

The FDA has granted accelerated approval for Istodax (romidepsin) to be used as treatment for an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

New Posttreatment Guidelines for Gynecologic Cancers Developed

June 17th 2011

Clinical observations are more effective than routine testing in posttreatment surveillance and diagnosis of most gynecologic tumors

Prolonged Use of Diabetes Drug Actos May Increase Risk of Bladder Cancer

June 16th 2011

The FDA announced that the prolonged use of pioglitazone (Actos) for more than 1 year has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer

Health Benefits of Yoga

June 16th 2011

Yoga was first practiced thousands of years ago in India, and over time, this practice was taught to people in India and around the world.

New Genetic Test Aids Detection of HER2+ Breast Cancer

June 15th 2011

On Tuesday the FDA approved a genetic test known as Inform Dual ISH that detects HER2+ breast cancer

Scientists Pioneer Technology to Detect More Chromosomal Aberrations in Cancer Tumors

June 14th 2011

The investigators developed a computer tool that is dramatically better for finding genetic missteps that promote cancer.

World Community Responds to the Global Cancer Crisis

June 13th 2011

According to the World Health Organization, NCDs, such as cancer, comprise 63% of annual global mortalities, claiming the lives of 7.6 million people each year

Study Claims Selenium Does Not Prevent the Development of Cancer

June 13th 2011

Does selenium prevent the development of cancer? Recent Cochrane meta-analysis says no.

Yoga Resources

June 10th 2011

As we travel together in our yoga journey, let's take this opportunity to explore resources that will help us learn more about yoga.

Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer: Does it matter when

June 10th 2011

More often than not, ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage

Socioeconomic Status Bears Little Impact on Survival Rates

June 10th 2011

Primary cancers of the lung, esophagus, and pancreas-all of which have a poor prognosis-account for >35% of all cancer deaths in the United States annually

Reducing the Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer

June 9th 2011

New research supports the use of exemestane

Experimental Melanoma Vaccine May Shrink Late-Stage Tumors

June 2nd 2011

An experimental melanoma vaccine gp100 peptide vaccine in combination with IL2 may shrink tumors and prevent the progression of late-stage melanoma