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Choueiri and Motzer Chat on CheckMate-9ER and Other RCC Research

April 5th 2021

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Choueiri and Dr. Motzer discuss the clinical implications of the phase 3 CheckMate-9ER trial in advanced renal cell carcinoma and how to best use the combination in practice.

The Marshalls Open a Candid Conversation About Cancer

April 1st 2021

The Marshalls go beyond the pages of their new memoir, Off Our Chests: A Candid Tour Through the World of Cancer, to discuss how Liza's diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer changed their lives and the key messages they hope readers will take from their book.

Hu Highlights Recent Advances and Approvals in RET-Altered Thyroid Cancer

March 29th 2021

Dr. Hu discusses the importance of testing for RET alterations in thyroid cancer, the FDA approvals of selpercatinib and pralsetinib, and the changing dynamics between medical oncologists and endocrinologists.

Coleman and Brown Review Advancing Applications for PARP Inhibition in Ovarian Cancer

March 25th 2021

Dr. Coleman and Dr. Brown discuss how understandings of BRCA and patient eligibility for PARP inhibitors have evolved in ovarian cancer, the effects of frontline maintenance trials on treatment recommendations, the clinical significance of the findings from the ARIEL4 trial, and where PARP inhibition is headed in the field.

Borgen Breaks Down the Domino Effect of Expanded Education and Banished Stigmas in Male Breast Cancer

March 22nd 2021

Patrick I. Borgen, MD, discusses male breast cancer in further detail, how he approaches treatment in his male patients with the disease, and what can be done to remove the stigma that men often feel with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Monk and Herzog Hammer Out PARP Nuances in Ovarian Cancer

March 18th 2021

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Monk and Dr. Herzog discuss the importance of molecular testing in ovarian cancer and the utility of PARP inhibitor maintenance and treatment.

Spira Spotlights Sotorasib and Targeting KRAS Mutations in NSCLC

March 15th 2021

Dr. Spira discusses the historical challenges of targeting KRAS, key findings from the phase 2 CodeBreaK 100 trial with sotorasib in KRAS G12C-mutant solid tumors, and the next steps of development for KRAS inhibitors in oncology.

Levy Lauds Biomarker-Driven Data in Lung Cancer

March 11th 2021

Dr. Levy discusses key research efforts with targeted therapies for patients with lung cancer who harbor NTRK, KRAS, and HER2 aberrations.

FDA Approval Insights: Trastuzumab Deruxtecan in HER2+ Metastatic Gastric/GEJ Cancer

March 8th 2021

Dr. Shitara discusses the significance of the FDA approval of trastuzumab deruxtecan in HER2-positive gastric and GEJ adenocarcinoma and key efficacy and safety data that have been reported with the agent.

Heymach Homes in On Emerging Agents in EGFR Exon 20–Mutant NSCLC

March 4th 2021

John V. Heymach, MD, PhD, discusses the incidence of EGFR exon 20 insertions in lung cancer, diagnostic challenges of identifying EGFR exon 20 insertions, and data from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer 2020 World Conference on Lung Cancer with mobocertinib and amivantamab in this patient subset.

FDA Approval Insights: Tepotinib in METex14-Altered Metastatic NSCLC

March 1st 2021

In our exclusive interview, Paul K. Paik, MD, provides perspective on the FDA approval of tepotinib in MET exon 14-altered metastatic non–small cell lung cancer.

Grothey Spotlights the Growing HER2+ Paradigm in GI Cancers

February 25th 2021

Axel Grothey, MD, discusses the excitement surrounding HER2-directed therapies in gastrointestinal malignancies, the approval of trastuzumab deruxtecan in HER2-positive metastatic gastric/gastroesophageal junction cancer, and the investigational agents patritumab deruxtecan and zanidatamab that are poised to further advance the paradigm.

Nichols on Navigating the Nuances of von Hippel-Lindau Disease

February 22nd 2021

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Nichols discusses von Hippel-Lindau disease in great detail, how she currently approaches treatment with these patients, and the importance of routine surveillance in this population.

Rodriguez Relays Insight Into the Integration of Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer

February 18th 2021

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Rodriguez discusses historic treatments in lung cancer that preceded the integration of immunotherapy, shares current treatment selection and sequencing strategies, and forecasts the future of immunotherapy in the field.

Klempner Keys in on the Pan-Tumor Potential of Seribantumab in NGR1+ Solid Tumors

February 11th 2021

Dr. Klempner provides insight into unmet needs in NRG1 fusion–positive solid tumors, the novelty of seribantumab, and the potential clinical implications of the ongoing CRESTONE study.

Marvels in Medicine: Dr. Slamon on a Career of Drug Development in Oncology

February 8th 2021

Dennis J. Slamon, MD, PhD, discusses how his passion for medicine stemmed from a high school biology class, the struggle to develop trastuzumab as a viable drug in HER2-positive breast cancer, and the movie about his research that he didn’t want to see made.

Mesa and Gerds Talk Management Strategies and Emerging Agents in Myelofibrosis

February 4th 2021

Dr. Mesa and Dr. Gerds provide insight into the current utility of JAK inhibitors in myelofibrosis, unmet needs, and novel agents and combination strategies in the pipeline.

Sanborn and Gaffar Share Clinical and Economic Treatment Insights in NSCLC

February 1st 2021

In our exclusive interview, Dr. Sanborn and Dr. Gaffar share insight into the clincal and economic considerations for treatment in advanced NSCLC.

Markman Talks Vilified Vaccines, Taboos, and Treatment for Cervical Cancer

January 28th 2021

Dr. Markman discusses the clinical milestone of the HPV vaccine as a means to prevent cervical cancer, the debate on HPV-negative disease, and what efforts can be done on a global scale to reduce the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer.

FDA Approval Insights: Nivolumab/Cabozantinib in Advanced RCC

January 25th 2021

In our exclusive interview, Toni K. Choueiri, MD, provides perspective on the FDA approval of nivolumab and cabozantinib in advanced renal cell carcinoma.