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The OncLive Gynecologic Oncology condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on various types of gynecologic cancers, including ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, and uterine cancer, among others. This section features news articles, interviews with gynecologic oncologists in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on unmet needs, treatment advances, and ongoing research in gynecologic cancers.

Insured Women Are Skipping Mammograms at High Rates

March 22nd 2011

About 40% of insured women in the United States are not undergoing screening mammography at least every 2 years in keeping with guidelines from the USPSTF.

The Final Word on CYP2D6 Testing and Tamoxifen?

March 16th 2011

CYP2D6 phenotype status does not predict tamoxifen efficacy in patients with early-stage breast cancer, according to a retrospective analysis of data from the Breast International Group

Shedding More Light on Identifying HER2

March 16th 2011

Breast cancer researcher Edith A. Perez, MD, is aiming to present more detailed study findings at national conferences later this year that will help clinicians better identify patients who would benefit from HER2 targeted treatment.

Dear Kayla and Christopher: A Mom With Breast Cancer Documents Her Battle for Her 2 Young Children

March 15th 2011

It was 2 days after her very first mammogram when Lisa Vance got a call from her physician's office requesting that she come in to discuss the results. Even so, it never occurred to her to be worried.

The Longstanding Quest for a Better Endocrine Therapy Continues High-Dose Fulvestrant: Have We Found Its Effective Dose, Combination, Setting, or Sequence?

March 15th 2011

Although several endocrine therapies are available today, the authors of this commentary contend that the quest for a better tamoxifen is ongoing.

Dr. Tripathy on Bone Health in Breast Cancer Patients

March 15th 2011

Debu Tripathy, MD, Co-leader Women's Breast Cancer Program at USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, on bone health considerations for patients with breast cancer.

Dr. Tripathy Discusses Bisphosphonate Studies

March 15th 2011

Debu Tripathy, MD, Co-leader Women’s Breast Cancer Program at USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses clinical research and studies looking at the use of bisphosphonate for women with breast cancer.

Dr. Pearlstone on Biomarker Testing in the Community

March 14th 2011

David Pearlstone, MD, Co-Division Chief, Breast Oncology from John Theurer Cancer Center on Biomarker Testing in the Community Setting

Crisis Averted? Manufacturers Scurry to Meet Demand for Drugs

March 12th 2011

The shortage, which began in 2009, accelerated in 2010, and has shown no signs of abatement so far in 2011, according to Erin R. Fox, PharmD, manager of the Drug Information Service at University of Utah Health Care

The Emperor of All Maladies: Documenting Cancer's Long Reign

March 12th 2011

The Emperor of All Maladies bills itself as a "biography of cancer," and while author Siddhartha Mukherjee cannot tell us precisely when cancer opened its eyes in this world...

Brufsky Urges Caution in Translating Assays

March 10th 2011

Amid advances in gene-based cancer diagnostics, questions about the best use of molecular and cellular assays in practice are growing along with the new options for clinicians.

Net Guides: Ovarian Cancer

March 10th 2011

Useful Online Resources and Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer

FDA Requests Label Change for Generic Docetaxel

March 9th 2011

The FDA has requested that the generic drug manufacturer Hospira change the planned label for its generic formulation of docetaxel.

From the Editor: Internet Analysis Raises Questions in Rare Cancer Care

March 6th 2011

The Internet has been employed in a variety of interesting ways to foster clinical or research agendas.

Moving Beyond Standard of Care: Novel Treatments in Gynecologic Cancer

March 4th 2011

In the United States, gynecologic cancers affect nearly 80,000 women annually and are the cause of death in more than 25,000 women.

Ovarian Cancer Screening Not Very Effective

March 4th 2011

Screening for ovarian cancer offers limited value, especially when accounting for the disease's biological diversity.

Resection and Reconstruction of a Solitary Sternal Metastasis After Mastectomy for Breast Cancer: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

March 3rd 2011

In May 2005, a 25-year-old female presented to her primary care physician complaining of a newly palpable breast mass that had grown to several centimeters over the course of a few months.

False-Positive Mammograms Lead to Anxiety and Quality-of-Life Issues

March 2nd 2011

A false-positive result on a mammogram may trigger anxiety and decrease quality of life, and the effects may remain apparent a year later, new data suggest.

Breastfeeding May Benefit Childhood Cancer Survivors

March 2nd 2011

For women who have survived childhood cancer, breastfeeding may help counter some of the long-term complications that occur as a result of their prior cancer treatments, researchers say.

SABCS Coverage: Adding Everolimus to Tamoxifen Improves Outcomes in Metastatic Breast Cancer

March 2nd 2011

Everolimus (Afinitor) added to tamoxifen delayed tumor progression in patients with hormone receptor (HR)-positive, HER2-negative, advanced metastatic breast cancer