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Shirley Michelle Shiller, DO, member of the Precision Medicine Institute’s Advisory Committee, Baylor University Medical Center, discusses the emerging technology of liquid biopsies and the clinical success associated with them.
Scott Paulson, MD, co-director of the Gastrointestinal Research Program for The US Oncology Network, medical director for the Neuroendocrine Research and Treatment Center at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center, Baylor University Medical Center, discusses the unmet need for symptom control in patients with gastrointestinal cancers.
Mothaffar Fahed Rimawi, MD, discusses the significance of precision medicine in HER2-positive breast cancer, as well as the possible role of immunotherapy for this specific population.
Carlos Becerra, MD, discusses the current management and emerging therapies for patients with pancreatic cancer.
Carlos Becerra, MD, physician, Texas Oncology, discusses emerging treatments for patients with pancreatic cancer.
Joyce A. O’Shaughnessy, MD, chair of Breast Cancer Research and the Celebrating Women Chair in Breast Cancer at Baylor-Sammons Cancer Center, Texas Oncology, and chair of The US Oncology Network, and 2016 Giant of Cancer Care in Community Outreach, discusses the future role of chemotherapy in the treatment landscape of triple-negative breast cancer.
C. Kent Osborne, MD, discusses current strategies for overcoming resistance to HER2-targeting agents in early breast cancer today.
Julie R. Nangia, MD, assistant professor, Breast Center-Clinic, faculty senator, Baylor College of Medicine, discusses hair loss prevention treatment for patients with breast cancer.
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