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The OncLive Lung Cancer condition center page is a comprehensive resource for clinical news and expert insights on non–small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, mesothelioma, and more. This page features news articles, interviews in written and video format, and podcasts that focus on unmet needs, treatment advances, and ongoing research in lung cancer.

Criteria Used to Diagnose Small Cell Lung Cancer

January 31st 2022

Symptoms and risk factors associated with small cell lung cancer, and recommendations for staging patients with newly diagnosed disease.

Lorlatinib Approved in Europe for ALK+ Advanced NSCLC

January 28th 2022

The European Commission has granted a marketing authorization for lorlatinib for use as a single agent in the treatment of adult patients with ALK-positive advanced non–small cell lung cancer who did not receive a prior ALK inhibitor.

Modest Budget Effects Demonstrate Promise for Uptake of Genomic Profiling in NSCLC

January 27th 2022

The identification of actionable oncogenetic drivers in patients with non–small cell lung cancer affords clinicians the opportunity to use targeted agents to optimize outcomes.

Dr. Osarogiagbon on Geographic Disparities in Lung Cancer

January 26th 2022

Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, MD, FACP, discusses geographic disparities in lung cancer.

Dr. Patel on Optimizing Molecular Testing for EGFR Mutations in Lung Cancer

January 26th 2022

Sandip P. Patel, MD, discusses optimizing molecular testing for EGFR mutations in lung cancer.

Happy Upheavals Are Unveiled in Early-Stage Lung Cancer

January 26th 2022

Although advances in metastatic non–small cell lung cancer treatment have dramatically impacted cancer mortality, the translation of these approaches to earlier-stage NSCLC has just begun to bear fruit.

Robotic Navigational Bronchoscopy Advances Diagnosis of Early-Stage Lung Cancer

January 25th 2022

Nathaniel Ivanick, MD, FCCP, explains advancements in the use of robotic navigational bronchoscopy for the diagnosis of early-stage lung cancer.

Resectable NSCLC: Is There a Role for Multidisciplinary Care and Neoadjuvant Therapy?

January 24th 2022

Closing out their discussion on resectable NSCLC, experts review multidisciplinary care strategies and the role of neoadjuvant therapy in patients identified for resection.

Global Perspectives on Routine Molecular Testing in Postoperative NSCLC

January 24th 2022

In light of evolving treatment options for resectable non–small cell lung cancer, panelists discuss biomarker testing to guide adjuvant therapy in the postoperative setting.

FDA Accepts sBLA for Cemiplimab Plus Chemo in Frontline Advanced NSCLC

January 19th 2022

The FDA has accepted for review a supplemental biologics license application for cemiplimab-rwlc in combination with chemotherapy in the frontline treatment of patients with advanced non–small cell lung cancer.

Clinical Pearls and the Future of LEMS

January 19th 2022

Experts provide clinical pearls on treating Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome and small cell lung cancer and share upcoming advances and trials they look forward to.

SIMBA Therapy Encounters Barriers But Holds Promise for Neutropenia and Beyond

January 18th 2022

Hope S. Rugo, MD, FASCO, Rita Nanda, MD, William J. Gradishar, MD, and Tiffany A. Traina, MD discuss the selective immunomodulating microtubule-binding agent plinabulin, plus several other novel chemoprotective therapies under exploration, including trilaciclib.

Patel Breaks Down the Meaning of Molecular Testing in Lung Cancer

January 18th 2022

Paying particular attention to the specific type of gene mutation on a molecular testing report is critical in an era of increasing genomic complexity in non–small cell lung cancer.

Is There a Continued Role for First-Generation TKIs in Resectable NSCLC?

January 17th 2022

Experts consider if there’s a role for the continued use of first-generation TKIs in patients with resected EGFR-positive non–small cell lung cancer.

The ADAURA Trial: Adjuvant Osimertinib in EGFR+ Resectable NSCLC

January 17th 2022

Shared insight on the clinical implications of the ADAURA trial, which tested osimertinib as adjuvant therapy following resection in patients with EGFR-positive NSCLC.

Optimized Treatment Starts With Molecular Testing in NSCLC

January 14th 2022

Konstantinos Arnaoutakis, MD, discusses new strategies in the management of ALK-positive non–small cell lung cancer, frontline immunotherapy, targeting EGFR, and biomarkers and targeted therapies in early-stage and advanced disease.

ADXS-503 Plus Pembrolizumab Shows Early Clinical Benefit, Safety in Metastatic NSCLC

January 13th 2022

The addition of ADXS-503 to the treatment of patients with metastatic non–small cell lung cancer who were progressing on pembrolizumab (Keytruda) resulted in encouraging responses and durable disease control, according to findings from the phase 1/2 trial.

ctDNA Testing Gains Ground in NSCLC With the Potential to Further Guide Treatment Decisions

January 12th 2022

Liquid biopsies are critical in understanding oncogenic drivers and resistance mechanisms in patients with non–small cell lung cancer.

Is There a Role for Postoperative Radiotherapy in Stage III NSCLC?

January 12th 2022

A brief discussion on the use of postoperative radiotherapy in non–small cell lung cancer following resection.

Treatment Strategies for Resectable NSCLC in Asia, With a Focus on Stage IB Disease

January 12th 2022

Perspectives on optimal treatment approaches for patients with resectable non–small cell lung cancer in Asia, with a focus on stage IB disease.