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Although CLL is the most common chronic leukemia, there remains no single agreed-upon standard of care for first-line treatment.
In this segment, the panel members share their thoughts on use of checkpoint inhibitors for first-line treatment of advanced melanoma.
In this segment, John Sweetenham, MD, and Robert Chen, MD, comment on various agents currently being investigated in the treatment of Hodgkin lymphoma.
In this segment, Robert W. Chen, MD, explains the use of autologous and allogeneic transplants in Hodgkin lymphoma.
In this segment, the panelists discuss the benefits of multidisciplinary care and side effect management for patients with advanced melanoma.
In this segment the panelists share their thoughts on how to assess response to immunotherapy, pseudoprogression, and the value of achieving stable disease.
Omid Hamid, MD, leads the panel discussion on the safety of nivolumab and pembrolizumab and how they compare with other immunotherapies in this respect.
In this segment, the panelists discuss their thoughts on the duration of anti-PD-1 therapies.
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